The Lovejoys
By Ronnie

No, the Lovejoys don't have a record deal. Sorry, they aren't trendy, "alternative" rockers who wanna sound just like everyone else just to get radio play. Nope, they don't have a huge recording, artwork and publicity budget.

So, what makes the Lovejoys stand out in the virtual sea of mediocre, unsigned bands? Well, for starters, they have the original Ramones spirit of a minimalist approach to rock 'n roll. Less is more...with great songs and attitude, you don't need a slick production to get your word across. I talked to Keith of the Lovejoys, to find out what makes this band from Knoxville better than your average unsigned band.

Right: The Lovejoys CD

E.C.: I really like your simplistic, "just do it" approach to recording. Did that come about from financial necessity? Or is it a way of presenting your music in the simplest terms?

Keith Lovejoy: Basically we really wanted to give the CD away. We knew to be able to do that we had to record very cheap. So we just borrowed an 8 track and done it at home. Two days of recording, one of mixing. Yeah, the quality suffered ALOT, but alot of people heard it that would have never bought it.

E.C.: When can we expect a new CD by the Lovejoys?!

Keith Lovejoy: Our big plan was to do three records this year. All at home on the 8track. Then take the 30 something songq, pick the ten best ones and do them in a real studio first of lext year.

E.C.: I've read some of the criticism mf the Lovejoys, and a lot of people can't get past the fact that you are recorded very basically, almost amateurish (although I think that is really part of the attraction!). Are there any plcns to go into a recording studio proper?

Keith Lovejoy: I've noticed people either love the rawness or hate it. No real in-betweens. Most "real" music fans like it or at least understand why its the way it is. As far as a real studio in 2002 see my previous answer.

E.C.: Your web page describes you as a "power pop" band, but I clso hear punk influences. How would YOU describe your sound?

Keith Lovejoy: I really don't"know. Power pop is our latest attempt. We have tried all kinds"of terms. Pop doesn't work. We are not punk enough to be punk. What's the undertones? Put us in there with them.

E.C.: I've described the Lovejoys as the "Minutemen of power-pop". Have you heard of the Minutemen? If so, is this description accurate?

Keith Lovejoy: No, I have not heard them. I know mike watt was in the band so I imagine it's the bass playing that you hear.

E.C.: I also like the fact that your songs are really short! Who do you keep your songs short? Is it that Ramones approach to Rock 'N Roll?

Keith Lovejoy: I like short songs. No point in dragging it out. Actually, I'm not a huge Ramones fan. I dig them, though.

E.C.: Why are there no pictures of the band on your CD's or your website?

Keith Lovejoy: Well there was pictures on our website, but we pulled them down when we switched bass players and added our second guitarist. As far as CD's, I think it's a waste of space for pictures. I hate CD's that have 15 pictures of the band in a big foldout but no lyrics.

E.C.: Speaking of your CD's, I've noticed that you always have a little kid on the cover. Is this some kind of "theme"?

Keith Lovejoy: Not a conscious one. The first CD is my sister and the second is my wife. We just thought they were cool pictures.

E.C.: You offer your latest CD free on your website. There aren't many bands who would "put there money where there mouth is". Is this part of the band's philosophy?

Keith Lovejoy: IYes. The more people that hears your music the better. We also give them away at shows which goes over good with people. We plan on giving away the other 2 CD's that we make this year as well.

E.C.: What is the ultimate goal of the Lovejoys? I mean, do you want to get signed to a major label?

Keith Lovejoy: Anyone that says they don't is a liar. Anyone that makes music would love to do it for a living. But, in a realistic world our ultimate goal is to put a record out on an indie label. Have a record in a store that you didn't have to put on consignment. That would be the shit.

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